Supporting me to Enjoy and Achieve

Supporting me to enjoy and achieve

What this area will help me to learn?

What that may look like?

Supporting pupils to have moments here they feel success and can engage in moments of enjoyment and achievement which may feel usual to being in school. This will be within pupil’s abilities and easily accessible recognising that when pupils have experienced trauma, their abilities to learn new concepts and be challenged is less. Pupils often use schemas of learning which they are familiar to explore when processing events in their lives and planned provision will focus on what is familiar. I.e. play provision that enables schematic exploration, familiar structures in the day like what’s in the box? Relaxation time, independent learning, hello and circle time, phonics.

We will use familiar curriculum type sessions that pupils will be used to that provide children with experiences that feel like “the norm”. Using what we know about schematic learning and how children process, this will look like familiar structured sessions in pupils day and opportunities to engage in play opportunities. We will be providing enjoyable activities which provide children with “fun” so that they can rejuvenate with positive endorphins and want to engage.

Sessions which will feel familiar will be different for each learning hub and class group but ideas will be:

What’s in the Box

Hello times

Curriculum sessions that provide familiar structures (like phonics, maths, guided reading)

Independent learning where provision takes account of schematic learning.

ICT songs and learning on whiteboard where these are familiar

Outdoor play


Learning in these sessions will link to previous and current topic learning or children’s key interests and motivators. Children will have missed out on many opportunities being at home that they are naturally exposed to at school like peer play, active opportunities and experiences which develop their cognition and learning and these will be built into each day to support children to have a broad range of opportunity, experience and fun.

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Social Story for Children who will be off for 12 weeks

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Social Story about Coronovirus for Children coming into School

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