At Palatine our creative curriculum includes music, art, design technology and being imaginative. Pupils are encouraged to be able to plan, design, create and evaluate at a level that is appropriate to them. We believe that all pupils are able to take part in the creative process and as such we promote creativity and individualism within all our teaching and learning.

Music is fostered across all areas of the curriculum and is promoted as a tool to support pupil’s engagement in learning. Our music curriculum explicitly supports pupils understanding of being able to create and compose by experimenting with creating and copying musical patterns, explore musical instruments and how they are played and can be changed including with the voice as a musical instrument. Pupils will explore performing tuned and untuned instruments learning how to play in an ensemble. Pupils will have many opportunities to listen and explore a range of music styles, genres, music from different time periods and cultures as part of their musical development.

Pupils develop their imagination through role play, small world play and sensory stories. Classrooms have imaginative role play areas for the children to create their own stories and narratives linked to topics that they have been learning about. Drama is used as a tool to support language and literacy opportunities. Pupils are given many opportunities throughout the year to perform through school celebrations and events.

Art and Design supports pupils to explore and investigate drawing, printing, painting and collage exploring aspects such as line, shapes, tone, colour, texture and form. In Design technology, pupils explore aspects such as food, fabric, construction and joining materials exploring using tools, utensils and equipment safely and effectively and exploring ways to construct, build and join materials.

Throughout their creative learning, pupils are exposed to key artists, designers, musicians and composers who inspire pupils to create in different ways. The link below outlines what key artists we focus on. Whilst we plan to ensure there are key artists studies within each year for pupils, these creative influences are not the only artists, designers and musicians/composers that children will be exposed, rather those than we study with depth.

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